It's 2015 and I've decided that one of my new year's resolutions shall be to pick up blogging again! So to start things off with a bang, I'll begin with a multipart recollection of my recent journey back to China (the reason for splitting it into parts will become clear soon enough).  

The Planning

I had already been planning a trip to China for sometime - mainly to visit creatives, studios, and industry contacts to explore the potential for creative collaborations. In late 2014, I was invited by NZFC (New Zealand Film Commission) to join the inaugural Screen Delegation to China. Since I've been spending most of my time this year working as a producer on a Sino-NZ co-production feature film, this was the perfect opportunity to for me to further my connections and understanding of China's screen sector. Thus, I decided to combine the two plans and spend a full month in China - 1 week as part of the delegation, and 3 on my own.  



First stop - Guangzhou!
On 12th May 2013, the first ever Chromacon Arts Festival took place in Aotea Centre, Auckland. After over half a year's worth of hard work, I was overwhelmed to be joined by 78 artists and 2000 attendees from the general public on the day. It was amazing. Thank you everyone for the love and support! 2013年五月十二号。 第一届Chromacon 原创艺术节在新西兰,奥克兰的Aotea Centre 成功举行。 经过大半年的努力,我非常高兴当日78位艺术家能与2000名大众艺术爱好者相聚在一个空间里欣赏,交流,支持本土原创。 多谢大家的鼓励与支持!